Group Therapy

Group therapy is a unique space where you can come together with other moms that have similar emotional experiences. We often feel alone as we struggle in motherhood and the shame we feel further isolates us. Stepping into a group session for the first time can be a daunting task, but it is so deeply rewarding to connect with others. Research has shown that groups are an important part of healing. If you aren’t sure about a group, but you are interested. Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!

If you are looking for group therapy to support postpartum mental health or body image struggles, join me today!

At this time, all groups are currently online using Zoom. You don’t need to find childcare and your kids can even run around while you’re in the group. I recommend finding childcare, but I’m a mom too and understand the struggle all too well. Groups are designed to meet you where you are! All groups require you to register with me as spots are limited.